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Types of Florida Divorce

There are three different ways to proceed with a Florida divorce

In Mutual Agreement – When both parties are willing to participate in the process and cooperate with providing information and signing pertinent documents.

This is the ONLY type of divorce that qualifies for a Florida online divorce without a court hearing. Many people filing for a no court divorce receive their final judgement in the mail within 45 days or less. Ask your online divorce provider for more information on a Florida no – court divorce.

By Summons– When there are unresolved issues among both parties which may include previous domestic violence, substance abuse from either party or simply an inability to communicate effectively between both parties.

By Publication – If the other party moved away and an address cannot be located then a divorce by publication needs to be done. This type of divorce is a complicated process and takes approximately 3 – 6 months to finalize.

Other things to consider

There are other categories of divorce that you need to consider when you are choosing how to do your divorce:

Simple Divorce: This is when there are no assets, liabilities or minor children between both parties. Also, there is no alimony to consider or pensions and other types of benefits. A simple divorce does not need a marital settlement agreement The paperwork includes the petition, financial affidavits, disclosures, notice of social security and special interrogatory to have the final hearing waived.

Divorce with Property: A divorce with property needs a marital settlement agreement because there may be assets, liabilities, pensions, alimony or any other type of transaction that needs to be spelled out into the marital settlement agreement. The paperwork includes a petition, financial affidavits, notice of social security, disclosures, the marital settlement agreement and if it is a no court process the Special Interrogatory.

Divorce with Minor Children: In addition to the marital settlement agreement, this type of divorce also includes a parenting plan and child support calculations. The documents include petition, financial affidavits, child support guidelines with calculations, parenting plan, notice of social security, disclosures, marital settlement agreement and Special Interrogatory to have the final hearing waived.

How to Save Money on Your Divorce

The Florida family court has a form called the Application of Indigent Status. If you are low income, on fixed government income or unemployed, you may be able to get the court filing fee waived. This could mean a savings of $409! Ask your document preparer for assistance on this. If you decide to hire an attorney you may not be able to use this form, think carefully before choosing if you are going to hire an attorney or if you are going to hire a document preparer. You can also choose to do it alone however due to the complexity of the process this is not recommended. If you do not prepare all of the forms correctly, your case will take longer and they may make you start over which will definitely lengthen the hardship you are already going through.

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