3 Steps to Get a Fast Divorce in Florida

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How to get a Fast Divorce in Florida

Fast Divorce in Florida. When you have a made up your mind that your relationship is over you are probably wondering what is the fastest way for you to get divorced.  If you live in Florida a fast divorce is possible and affordable.

How to get a Florida divorce Fast

Looking for information on how to file for a Florida divorce fast?








MYTH or TRUTH- To have a fast divorce in Florida I need to hire an attorney

MYTH – While this make sense and in some cases it’s true. Hiring an attorney does not guarantee a faster divorce in Florida. If you do not have legal questions and are clear on what you want out of the divorce then an attorney may not be needed.

MYTH or TRUTH – A fast divorce in Florida will cost me a lot more than a divorce at a regular speed

MYTH – A fast divorce in Florida costs on average $300 for a simple divorce and up to $450 for a divorce with children. You may also still qualify to have the court filing fees waived, a savings of $400.

MYTH or TRUTH – A Fast Divorce in Florida requires a final court hearing

MYTH – The best way to get a fast divorce in Florida is by having the final hearing waived. This saves approximately 30-60 days in the process.

MYTH or TRUTH – A fast divorce in Florida requires both parties are in mutual agreement and willing to participate in the divorce form preparation process.

TRUTH – The only way to get a Fast Divorce in Florida is for both parties to be on the same page and willing to provide information and sign forms. There is no other way. When a divorce is filed without both parties participating then a summons must be issued which will add 20 calendar days to the wait and a few court hearings will be required as well, pushing the timeline even further.

If the whereabouts of the party are unknown then a divorce  by publication is needed which will add at least 30 days to the timeline.

Fast divorce in Florida price

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Fast Divorce in Florida

A fast divorce in Florida is easy and affordable. Contact us for details on how we can help you get it done.

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